Everything You Need to Know About Luv Sola Wood Flowers

Three different flower varieties are available, and each one is more exquisite than the previous one. For any occasion, we can create a stunning bouquet for you with tasteful and lovely arrangements. If you want to preserve flowers in the ground but still want a lovely, long-lasting substitute for a floral arrangement, our biodegradable, eco-friendly flowers are a perfect option.

Why Do Wood Flowers Exist?

Undyed sola wood blooms are highly attractive and resemble ivory. These flowers are fantastic for many different occasions, even if they lack color. If you desire a basic yet elegant design, raw sola wood blossoms can be an excellent option.

You can use latex or acrylic paint to decorate our uncut flowers. Another option is to color clothing. There is a “how to” video on our website if you wish to try dying.

Potential Wooden Flower Skins

The flowers we have are raw, but these blooms aren’t exactly the same. Instead of raw and white accents, sola flowers feature flesh-colored ones. No matter where they are, the flowers stand out because of the designs on these ornaments. Every flower has a distinct accent color on its skin that draws attention to it and helps it stand out wherever it is displayed.

These flowers are a fantastic option for any occasion if you want flowers that aren’t simply plain white but are still lovely and intriguing. The skin flowers have a little bit more depth when compared to our distinctive and organic blooms.

Sola wood blooms are extremely robust and gorgeous despite being composed of more woody plant elements. We take the time to carefully craft each flower by hand, and we go above and beyond to ensure that everything runs well on your special day.

Consider Our Finest Sola Flowers

Superior sola flowers are far more detailed than their cousins, which are uncooked and made from the skin. Making a bouquet with lovely designs will undoubtedly help you find what you need. Spend some time browsing our website. We offer a wide choice of goods, so we probably have the floral design you’re looking for.

Exquisite flower arrangements become more understated, chic, lovely, and distinctive when quality flowers are added, catching everyone’s eye that enters.

How to Make Wooden Flowers for Flower Arrangements

Your Luv Sola Wood Flowers can be arranged however you desire, just like actual flowers. We note that the package does not contain the stems for these wooden flowers. The option of buying stems is available. Depending on the design you select, you might not even require them. If you wish to display your wooden flowers in a vase, you can purchase textured or green stems. The majority of the time, flowers in vases require support. Both are somewhat bendable, which makes them considerably simpler to work with in the craft industry.

What plans do you have for creating the wooden flower arrangement you had in mind now that that is out of the way? Do you create various floral arrangements in glass jars or an antique vase that has been passed down through the generations in your family? There are numerous things you can do to make your arrangement stand out if you are imaginative and think outside the box. To encourage your creativity, we’ve put together the list below of suggestions:

To create books and wooden flowers, cut a square out of the center of an old book using an Exacto knife. This will serve as the wooden flower’s basis. Take the pages out of the book, leaving a space in the middle, and then. Put your wooden flowers where there is room for them. This will give the impression that the blooms are emerging from the book.

By purchasing some wooden flowers and a handbag with a chic strap and a sturdy frame, you may create a purse bouquet. The main goal is to make it hangable by fastening it to a doorknob or hook. Your wooden flowers may appear to be emerging from the handbag if you place them with the top of the purse open.

Contrary to popular belief, toys and flower arrangements may work well together. You can bring your wooden flower arrangement to life by using various toys. It would be wonderful if you could locate a vintage toy. An antique pickup truck is among the best options. Your wooden flowers might make the bedroom appear more rustic if you place them on the bed.

Do you recall the cube-shaped toy with the variously formed holes? You might place your wooden flowers and stems on one side of the form by turning it over. You might also give the other side a try. Use stems of various heights or add green flowers to the arrangement to fill in any empty spaces to get this look.

Wooden flower arrangements can also be used to create wreaths and garlands because there are so many flexible stem alternatives. With wooden flowers, practically anything is possible.

The Benefits of Flowers for Your Home

Wooden flower arrangements in your home might provide you with benefits beyond their aesthetic value. According to legend, arranging flowers helps soothe the person doing it. You’ll breathe more slowly if you concentrate on the arrangements, which will help you be more present when working on your assignment. You can elevate your mood and your capacity for thought as you create the wooden flower arrangement, which is advantageous.


Any type of flower you’re seeking can be found with our assistance. Each bouquet receives the care and consideration it needs at Luv Sola because we value our customers. We believe that paying attention to the details is what sets us apart from other people.

Please don’t wait to contact us through our website if you want to purchase lovely flowers that are cultivated in a manner that is safe for the environment and doesn’t produce hazardous waste. We typically offer continuous deals, so you may examine all of our products in advance, and you can choose the arrangement that best suits you. For immediate contact with us, click here.


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