What is Lip Embroidery?

Lip Embroidery is a procedure to make your lips look fuller, younger, and more symmetrical by enhancing their shape and colour and giving them a boost of permanent lip colour.

To create the appearance of soft lipstick, organic micro-pigments are deposited with a small needle into the upper dermal layer of the lip’s skin.

What is the duration of lip embroidery?

Lip permanent like eyebrow embroidery can persist for one to two years.

The micro-pigments used in the treatment play a significant role. Organic lip pigments typically stay for 18 months, but inorganic pigments may last for up to 2 years.

Who Are Good Candidates for a Lip Embroidery Procedure?

Lip embroidery Singapore is typically an option for anyone who is unhappy with the colour of their lips. You can try this method if your lips are ashen or if your lip colour is uneven and asymmetrical. Another good enough justification for getting lip embroidery is getting tired of constantly touching up your lips.

This does not necessarily imply that it works for everyone, though.

Dark blue or purple lips are challenging to work with because this treatment does not lighten the colour of the lips. Due to hyperpigmentation, those with darker skin tones may also struggle with the process.

The disorder known as hyperpigmentation causes regions of skin to darken more than the surrounding skin. Additionally, you are not a good candidate for lip embroidery if your lips are freckled or have several tones.

How is lip tattoo different from lip embroidery?

The most recent method of lip colouring and the older, more traditional tattoo differ significantly in two ways. The first is how deeply the needle penetrates the skin; compared to a lip tattoo, lip embroidery appears to be much more superficial.

The second is the type of colouring agent utilized; in lip embroidery, we use organic micro-pigments that are permitted to be used only on the lips, but in the latter, a regular ink tattoo that is rich in carbon was utilized.

How should my lips appear after the procedure?

Since the lips are the most delicate area of the body, there may be some swelling and soreness right after the treatment. These adverse effects will start to go away in the days that follow.

The colour will also appear darker and more vivid during the first 48 hours. The good news is that lips peel far more quickly than brows do, so scheduling your lip embroidery appointment on a Saturday evening will give you 1-2 days to recover.

How painful is permanent lip colour?

The level of feeling pain is quite relative depending on individual pain threshold, is the reply. However, in order to make the treatment more comfortable and painless, a particular topical numbing cream will typically be administered both before and during it. Most remark that ended up being accessible than imagined and that it is entirely possible.

Is a follow-up therapy session required after the initial appointment?

No, it is not at all required in the case of lips. Almost 90% of clients don’t need a second session and typically retain the information from the first one quite well.


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