Tips to Tastefully Incorporate Color into Your Closet

Bold colours can be worn in a manner exuding sophistication and great style. Sadly, most people haven’t grasped the art of tastefully pairing colours, giving bold colours a bad rap. You might opt to go with neutral and cool colours to stay safe, but do you know that adding colour will breathe new life into what you already own? This is one to stop playing safe and experiment with colour.  

When you pair your colours in the right way, you will get the right kind of attention, and your outfit will leave a lasting impact and perhaps inspire others to try it themselves. If you intend to look put together and stylish even in colour, here are some tips to achieve this.

  1. Stick to one colour family

If you are not comfortable with going out of your comfort zone by going all out with bright colours, start by working with tones from one colour family. For instance, if you desire a softer look, you could pair pastels, a pastel pink pair of trousers with a pastel blue blouse and a pastel blue puffer jacket

Suppose you prefer a bolder look, pair one primary colour with another. Using this strategy, you’ll also be able to maximize the pieces in your wardrobe during the different seasons. For instance, you can wear different earthy tones in autumn and soft pastel tones in spring.

  1. Wear bold-coloured accessories

If you are used to playing it safe with neutral colours or just want to bring some brightness and fun into your outfit, wearing colourful accessories is the way to go. You can put on a neutral suit but adding that bold accessory will instantly take it to the next level. Other than looking put together, it will also look like you actually put effort into your outfit. 

For instance, you could choose an off-white dress and a tan coat and complete the look with a pair of scarlet pumps. Adding a bold bag is also a great way to add a twist to your outfit. There are various luxurious bags in the market, structured and slouchy, and they will add the much-needed pop to your otherwise basic look. Add one bold shoe, bag or scarf, and you will look stylish rather than overwhelming.

  1. Break down the prints on your pieces

If you are wearing a piece with print, pick a colour from the pattern to complete your outfit. Identify the most prominent colours in that piece, and go ahead and choose the remaining parts of your outfit in those colours. For instance, if the primary colours in that particular piece are mauve and blush, you can wear an accessory in mauve and maybe a blush-coloured chiffon blouse.


These three tips are some tasteful and intentional ways anyone at any age can incorporate colour into their looks. The tips will help you achieve a fashion-forward and sophisticated look regardless of how bold the colours are. After all, colour can be fabulous!


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