The Surprising Benefits Of Crocheting Which You Must Know

Crafts and arts are more than just a relaxing hobby, they’re also extremely therapeutic. Crocheting has a wide range of therapeutic properties.If you are someone who feels that crocheting is taking up more time, take a look below, and you will understand how beneficial it is.

  • Crocheting acts as a great stress buster. It will be helpful to you in diverting your mind from all the worries.
  • If you are someone who is suffering with depression and anxiety, you must definitely give a try to crocheting. Due to repetitive actions, crocheting helps in the production of serotonin, which acts like a natural anti-depressant. According to a recent survey, more than 70% of the people who does crocheting daily, felt better.
  • Crocheting can improve your mood and focus. It also sharpens your eyes.
  • Crocheting can soothe your body and mind, and helps you have a very good sleep at night. Next time, whenever you feel disturbed or not able to fall asleep, do try this craft.
  • It boosts your confidence in a great way. As you will be preparing your favorite items such as caps, hand gloves etc., you can sell them or gift them.

Crochet hooks are available in various materials and they are metal, wood and plastic. The yarn you choose, the gauge you wish to achieve, and the stitch pattern you’re working with all influence the size of your hook. To produce a craft or work with a certain yarn, all designs and yarns include the crochet hook size you’ll need. This advice, which comes from both the pattern and the yarn, is meant to assist you in achieving adequate gauge.

The number of crochet stitches required per inch is known as gauge. This guarantees that your tension is accurate when working on a project, resulting in a finished product that looks exactly as you wanted. If you are planning to buy crochet hooks, ensure that you pick the high-quality ones, otherwise they may not last for a long time.

Even though wooden crochet hooks are quite expensive, they are the warmest and smoothest. Bamboo crochet hooks are a less expensive alternative to standard wooden hooks. They are generally light and smooth, but with enough roughness to keep the yarn in place. Bamboo crochet hooks are good choice for the beginners.

Plastic Crochet Hooks

They are the most affordable among all the types of crochet hooks. However, they may not be an ideal choice for beginners and they tend to break easily, if you don’t pick the best quality ones. They are lightweight and easy to use. If you are looking for the smoother options, these plastic crochet hooks may not be the right choice for you. They are generally not smooth like the metal hooks. If you are working on heavy yarns, choose the top-quality plastic hooks, to avoid feeling pressure on your fingers.

Stainless steel knitting hooks and needles

Stainless steel knitting needles and hooks are sturdy. You will not have to worry about them bending or getting dents. It is a good purchase as they are built for strength and durability, and will last forever. Many knitters feel that it causes les strain on their fingers and hands.

What are the best crochet sock pattern?

Some of the most popular crochet sock patterns are

  • Crochet Ankle Socks Pattern
  • Sweet Crochet Socks Pattern
  • Textured Crochet Socks Pattern

Try crocheting to have some good time daily!


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