The Main Difference Between Faux LocsAnd Loc Extensions

Locs are versatile and beautiful hairstyles that never go out of fashion, which is why they are a favorite choice inhair salons. And while most loc styles are grown organically with special techniques, some may not have the dedication and time to do so, which is why they opt for faux locs or loc extensions.

The difference between the two terms is still a common debate. If you’re one of those people still confused with the meaning, that’s okay. We understand that it can be perplexing to differentiate faux locs and loc extensions, so we wrote this guide to help.

Faux Locs

Faux locs is a blanket term used to refer to imitation locs made of synthetic material. They are a temporary protective style with little commitment, like box braids. Faux locs are a great choice if you’re unsure about getting natural ones, but professionals should install them to avoid damage to your hair. Faux locs can only be kept for 2-3 months and removed.

Loc Extension

While faux locs are synthetic and temporary, loc extensions are made of real human hair and can be left in permanently. Loc extensions are excellent if you’ve already started your loc journey but want them long as soon as possible. Just be sure to get extensions that match your hair’s density ratio and texture so that they can loc better more naturally.Like faux locs, it is better to have a professional from a loc extension Atlanta salon install it for you since they know which will suit your hair best.

Which Locs Should I Get?

The choice of getting either faux locs or loc extensions is entirely up to you. If you’re not ready for a permanent commitment to taking care of natural locs, faux locs can let you experience that gorgeous look without dedication. You should get loc extensions if the early loc phases have already been established and you want length immediately. Whichever one you get, remember to consult Atlanta hair styles experts for advice.

Get Your Locs Today!

Nappie Twists is a Decatur, Atlanta-based hair salon specializing in various hair loc styles and hair care products for your every loc needs. Visit their website to book an appointment now!


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