Meizu Backpack Review: Concisely Styled, Highly Personalized and Practical

As being a stylish cell phone brand, Meizu provides products that doesn’t only have excellent industrial design and reliable quality but in addition carefully continue with the trend visually, much like the aesthetic tastes within the public. These outstanding features are not just reflected within the Meizu series phones, but in addition in other peripheral products, for example HD50, EP51, Meizu power bank, and, clearly, this freshly released Meizu backpack.

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The General Design

The Meizu backpack provides another first impression and subverts our previous stereotype in the backpack. Its front is folded in a single bit of precision cutting cloth. Aside from the primary storage layer, in front, there’s neither every other type of zipper opening design nor any identification and decoration, giving a sense of extreme simplicity.

A corner adopts black linen, making the most effective texture apparent, offering high friction and supplying a great anti-slip effect. While using the 6.5cm thick streamlined part-press connectors, it provides excellent unloading pressure when transporting goods. Combined with cotton finishing the connectors and back cushion, shoulders and back will feel completely comfortable and soft.

Material and Workmanship

The important thing bit of Oxford cloth is part of cation fabric dyeing cloth, having a high-temperature dyeing and ideal publish-treatment, which making the general texture of material excellent and great design sense. In addition, it’s added obtaining a PVC coating. So, the important thing Oxford cloth isn’t just effectively water-repellent but in addition more resistant and hard to pilling.

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The bottom and top within the backpack adopt DD leather fabric, getting a really similar color while using the Oxford cloth that is coordinated to boost. The daily frictions are inevitable, but we’ve nothing to be concerned about now. Both of these products of durable leather takes a minimum of five years since their outstanding abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. And there’s printed obtaining a “MEIZU” Emblem along with a “desire to have perfection” slogan on top leather.

In relation to details, let us consider the fasteners and zippers. The Meizu backpack adopts clips from NIFCO, a Japanese leading brand, therefore it can withstand the responsibility of 30-40kg. Combined with greatly enhanced capacity attrition, it is sometimes complicated to obtain performed. Across the entire outer backpack, you will find just two categories of zippers, transporting out a anti-loaded zipper technology, which not just can be a more consistent aesthetic appearance but in addition minimizes the finish consequence of weak waterproofness inside the zipper.

Storage Capacity

The inside safe-keeping within the Meizu backpack may be roughly separated into three land masses and around six storage areas. The start is individually designed small bag obtaining a zipper, that’s frequently familiar with put the cardboard package, however think place another small objects, for example keys, eye drops and so on.

Clearly, there’s a big space for storing. Along with the inner bag safe-keeping is much more than two occasions the overall backpack because the backpack is sheathed structured, and may accommodate more products.


The Meizu backpack is unquestionably a great digital peripheral product with n full technological sense. Clearly, I love to cope with it an operating backpack for daily use. Minimalist exterior design, comfortable suspension system, high-quality and sturdy material, reasonable and practical safe-keeping, all of this constitutes the Meizu backpack, highly personalized, easy and simple , practical.



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