How Mobile Apps Are Changing The Dynamics Of Online Shopping

More and more E-commerce businesses are strengthening their base by implementing all the right strategies. The fashion industry is no exception to that. Mobile marketing for different business models has become vital with the growing internet penetration among users. With the app driving almost half of the online sales, industry experts and fashion moguls are leaving no stone unturned to optimize the brands’ mobile apps to their full potential. If you are also planning to integrate your offline fashion store with an online shopping app, you should unravel the nitty and gritty details that can make or break your app’s business.

Mobile apps are more profitable and sustainable from a business standpoint because of their outstanding and unique features, which provide them a competitive edge over websites and physical stores. No wonder they are responsible for generating around 55% of sales and conversions, according to the statistics. Let’s have a rundown of features and benefits that enable the existence of mobile apps on this pedestal.

  1. Exposing the products to multiple channels: Mobile apps serve as the perfect platform to endorse the products/services on the omnichannel marketing model, provided that the customer undergoes a seamless online or offline experience. Competition in this field is so high that e-commerce businesses are forced to propel their products on these multiple channels to reach a wider base of potential users.
  2. Curated wishlist and saved items: Online shopping is no less than an adventurous hunting trip because users have to keep on scrolling endlessly to find the perfect item and sometimes they continue doing so even after saving their preferred choices in the cart because of the FOMO they have on the remaining listings. A simple task of saree shopping may take hours or even days before finalizing on the product. Therefore features like saving the selected items and creating personalized lists of recommended items through these apps helps customers to navigate better.
  3. Social sharing integration: Nothing beats the joy and pride consumers experience when they are able to share the details of their purchased items with their friends and family on various social media platforms integrated within the app. Sometimes in the urge of inviting them to hop on trend train, other times to get their reviews and suggestions regarding the particular product. So, we can conclude that sharing is caring in a lot of ways when it comes to online shopping.
  4. Geolocation & Push notifications: Mobile shopping apps are ingrained with features that guarantee ease and convenience; automatic location integration is one of them. It eliminates the hassle of manually feeding your address for location purposes. By simply selecting the current location, your job is done. How about getting informed well in advance about men clothing online sales and irresistible discounts? That, too, when you were delaying it for months out of the fear of burning holes in your wallet after buying branded attires.

The mobile app industry is an ever-evolving domain where data is the fuel. With appropriate analytical strategies and expertise in data handling, these shopping apps are acing the performance of their E-commerce businesses. From the customer’s perspective, it might be an arduous task narrowing down on one app that meets their expectations when there is a plethora of them to choose from. However, the ultimate keeper is the only one that prioritizes customer satisfaction along with genuine pricing and seamless experience. 








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