Cosmetic Application: Premium Quality Hair-Like Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of the cosmetic applications used to enhance the fullness, curl, thickness, and length of natural eyelashes. These eyelashes can be made from several materials, including silk, mink, human hair, horse hair, or synthetic.

The beauty and cosmetic industry has seen it all when speaking to lashes; these can be magnifying mascaras, premade fans, heated curlers, and miracle growth serums.

Eyelashes extensions

There is no trend that is pretty polarizing as eyelash extensions. When these extensions first hit the market, it seemed an easy and painless way to achieve fluttery lashes without using mascara or falsies. Lash extensions are revealed as the most convenient form of artificial lashes.

Lash extensions are semi-permanent fibers attached to the natural eyelashes to make the lash fringe look darker, fuller, and longer. Individual lash extensions are applied to individual natural eyelashes using semi-permanent glue. Lashes are available in a variety of curls, lengths, tints, and patterns for the clients to customize their look.

The process of application

You should not be putting the lash extension instantly. It needs to have a few evaluations on the natural eyelash before the application. The lash extensions must be carefully applied using specially formulated glue that is irritation-free and damage-free natural lash. Indeed, one of the most common problems with eyelash extensions is they can damage the natural lash when applied, but not with the premade fans.

Keep in mind that it is the wrong way to apply the lash onto the skin, instead, it should be applied on the existing lash. But, the exact process may vary from salon to salon. Here are the steps or processes to follow for the eyelash extension application:

  • Evaluation. Before the application, go through all the benefits and risks of having eyelash extensions.
  • Decide length, strength, and curl. The lash extension application should depend on options, whether you want more natural or more glamorous eyelashes. Based on the desired look, you will select an ideal curl, strength, and length for the extensions.
  • Cleansing eye area. The lash is not applied instantly as the eyes need to remove oil, makeup, and possible germs in the area.

Does it ruin the natural lashes?

Many asked this: do eyelash extensions ruin the natural lashes? The answer is no. Eyelash extensions will never ruin the natural lashes. Natural lashes can only become damaged from artificial lashes if applied incorrectly. There are a couple of practices to remember so that the natural lashes stay healthy and nice.

Tip, don’t tug or rub the lash extensions as they can be removed. But, to sum it up, eyelash extensions are a good way to enhance natural lashes the easy way. Choose from the different patterns, lengths, and thickness of premade lashes.


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