Consider these 7 tips before buying women wrist watches

Women love gifts and they love brands too. A wrist watch is a perfect gift for all occasions. It doesn’t need an excuse as watches can be given anytime of the year. Gifting a watch to someone we love means we are expressing our emotions for them.  Thus, someone who receives a brand watch as a gift cherishes it for long.

Considering a few examples in wrist watches, FIORI ladies watches are recommend by many women. There are a certain things you must check before investing in such an expensive gift. We have a list of features that will help you make a right choice in wrist watches.

7 tips before buying women wrist watches:

  1. Look for a stylish option:

If you have to gift someone something special, then you cannot compromise on the looks and design. Look for a wrist watch that is stylish and elegant. Other than the looks, style also means whether you wish to gift sport, luxury, vintage, or casual watch.

  1. Check the type:

Once you have decided the style of watch, also look for options in types of watches. For instance, digital watches or smart watches are more prominent than the traditional types. It depends for whom you are buying.

  1. Compare the features:

If you are confused between the features, select a few and compare their features. Comparing will help you choose the right one for the person you feel is the best. For instance, travelers prefer to have a watch with GPS whereas office goers will stick to bigger dial that shows time clearly or a smart watch that connects their email and important chats.

  1. Check the material:

Leather, titanium, gold, silver, plastic, and canvas are a few common materials in wrist watches. It all depends on your budget but gifting canvas or plastic would look cheap, especially if the person is special to you.

  1. Is it water resistant:

Most people prefer watches that are water resistant. Branded watches often offer this feature as the highlight. Check the water resistance level on the backside of the watch before buying it.

  1. Compare the wrist and screen size:

Some people have broad wrist whereas some have thin wrist. Similarly, a large watch screen won’t look good on everyone. Note the person’s wrist while choosing the size.

  1. Relate the weight:

Consider the weight of the watch. Some brands have watches that make you barely feel the weight. Choose something like FIORI ladies watches that is comfortable and lighter.


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