5 Designs in engagement rings to make it all perfect!

Engagements and weddings are special occasions. These hold the most awaited sign – Commitment. A ring is one way of letting the person know your feelings for them and how much are you happy to see them in your world. Engagements are one of the best excuses to invest money in expensive jewelry. Thinking of buying an engagement ring to propose him or her?  We strongly recommend that you don’t compromise on quality and looks in engagement rings.

In this article, we have some of the most amazing ideas in engagement ring to make it look as special as your feelings. Check these out and decide which one would you choose the best?

5 Designs in engagement rings for a perfect proposal:

  1. Think of vintage designs:

An engagement ring has been the same in looks for generations. However, it carries legacy and tradition. Thus, you may think of sticking to the same vintage design for your engagement ring. A priceless moment needs something pricey to express.

  1. Customized design:

Wedding is all about your own special feelings for your partner. Thus, choosing a customized design that reflects only your emotions would be the best idea. Get your engagement or wedding ring personalized. Choose the stone as you desire and pick the metal of your choice for the frame.

  1. Flower-shaped:

No woman hates flowers in any form. From potpourris to fresh flowers, they appreciate flowers in any state or form. How about planning your engagement ring in the shape of a flower? This will add beauty to the looks of the ring and make it look rare than the typical engagement or wedding rings.

  1. Wedding bands:

Choose matching wedding bands that go well with each other. You can also personalize these by a good vendor. Wedding bands are usually simple in design. If you are buying it for a best friend’s wedding, you can choose these bands as a gift for the pair.

  1. Engraved rings:

Some love to have their initials engraved on the ring. This is a personalized symbol of love and announcement that you are taken. Get your names or initials engraved on each other’s engagement or wedding rings.

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