2022’s Top Five Hairstyles and How to Achieve Them

There’s nothing like trying a new hairstyle for the new year. “New year, new you,” as they say. It can be a good way to get some fresh energy going in the new year, or whenever you need some change and a pick-me-up.

With that in mind, below are 2022’s top five hairstyles, as determined by how often they were posted on Instagram. In fact, 22.33% of All Things Hair readers said they get most of their trend inspiration from Instagram. Let’s explore what these styles are and how you can achieve them. 

  1. Balayage

Balayage is a coloring technique where the hair is colored in gradients the further down the hair shaft you go. The roots might be left entirely alone, and then subtle highlighting kicks in a few inches below the crown. From there, the color just gets more intense as you move down the hair shaft, until the ends of the hair are a different color from the roots. 

This type of dye job has several benefits:

  • It’s a more natural look that allows your roots time and space to grow, since they are often left their natural color. As such, you can get away with fewer color refreshes for many styles. 
  • It has a very subtle and classy look to it, making it a good style for both the office and a night out.  
  • You can get it in any shade. 
  • Because it makes use of your natural hair color at the top, it looks good on anyone. 

This coloring effect is best achieved at a salon. Balayage is a very specific coloring technique where the color has to go on in careful gradients, making it hard to do well at home, especially if you’re trying to reach around the back of your head. 

  1. Box Braids

As the name suggests, this type of braiding style is characterized by its square-shaped hair divisions. It’s a very popular hairstyle for textured hair and is a great way to add a protective style to hair to keep ends in shape while the hair grows. The style is often used in conjunction with synthetic hair to add thickness, achieve certain coloring styles and support the natural hair. Box braids can last six to eight weeks and are easy to care for. 

You can achieve this style at home with a tutorial or you can go to a professional stylist. It’s a very time-intensive process, since you’re braiding all of your hair and adding synthetic hair, so be sure to go to a stylist who is experienced and skilled at braiding hair.

  1. Bob Cut

The bob cut is a timeless classic. It’s a medium cut that goes down to right below the chin, sitting above the shoulders. 

It’s quite a versatile style. Having the cut shorter in the back and longer in the front can give an angled, hip and modern look. Combining it with bangs can give an angular, classic look. Some bob cuts can also look quite casual, with layering at the bottom and volume added for a more purposefully messy look. 

This type of cut can help you achieve healthier hair. Since it’s a shorter style, you have the built-in incentive to get your edges trimmed when the cut gets too long. Longer ends are hard to care for and might be sustaining damage, since they’re the oldest part of your hair.  With the bob cut, you’re just keeping the newest, healthiest parts of the hair and regularly getting rid of those old ends. 

A stylist can help you get the style of bob cut you’re after, and also give some tips on which type might work best for your face shape. A bob cut has to be very even, so doing this one at home might not work too well unless you have help and very steady hands!      

  1. Bandana

Bandana hairstyles have been making the rounds on Instagram, with 4.4 million posts last year. It’s easy to see why. It’s a classic and casual look that can also keep your hair up and out of your way. As more people spend more time at home, that casual and functional style is perfect for working around the home. 

The bandana is also something that can be incorporated into a wide variety of styles. Some of the more popular ways to wear bandanas include:

  • Simply put the bandana over your head and tie it at the back under your hair. Hair can escape out of the front and/or the back for a casual look.     
  • Fold up the bandana until it’s a strip and you have an easy headband. Tie it at the back or tie a bow on the top. You can also use it to tie a ponytail up. 
  • For more of a rebellious look, you can bring the headband across the forehead and have it cover your whole head, while tying it at the back. 
  • Bundle all of your hair up in the bandana and tie the bandana at the front for a functional way to keep hair out of your way.

You can also experiment with the bandana for some fun alternative looks that are all you. 

  1. Layers

Layers are great for giving some extra texture and bounce to the hair. They’re mostly incorporated into longer styles, where you have the most leeway to add as many layers as you want. Some shorter styles like the bob, mentioned above, can also include layering in the hair. 

Some people choose to add their own layering at home with hair trimming scissors. If you just want a few layers in the front, you can eyeball where you need to make the trims. However, for a full layered effect, you might want to go to a stylist for this one, since the stylist can have a better full view of your head. 

The current top trends on Instagram all have a very classic look to them and many styles have been around for generations. It’s no wonder they’re still popular in 2022 with how versatile and classy these styles look. 


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